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You need to upgrade to Team Assist Pro to use the Store. Click on the Upgrade Now link at the bottom of your SET UP menu from your MyPage page.

The store lists items for sale and gathers orders for your review. We do not manage payment or fulfillment at this time.

To put an item in the store listing, use the "Store SKUs" page on the SITE menu tab on your MyPage page. To view any orders that have been entered, view the "Store Orders" page. Note that you must have administrative privileges to manage the store.

Typically a Coach or parent manages the store. This person must have a site security level set to Booster or above (if you have any questions about how to set security level, contact us). One individual should be designated as the "Store Manager," set on the SETUP page, and is the person who will receive the emails when an order is placed.
If you are part of the Varsity Networks Revenue Share plan, your team can earn back half of all profits of merchandise sold on your site. To share in our revenue, send us an email at revshare@varsitynetworks.com to request an application form.
The Store is a permanent part of your site and cannot be removed.

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