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Season Help

The Season is the instance of your site in this sports season. Keeping track of seasons allows us to maintain the team rosters, schedules and records for your site from year to year. Very soon, this information will be available to you in your History section. When your site goes from season to season, this information gets stored, rather than deleted, and your players move up a year in your rosters. Seniors graduate into the alumni section, rather than become deleted from the site.
Once your season has ended and you need to move to the new season year, go to the SETUP menu and select the "Season" page, then "New Season". Complete the date information (you can leave the pre- and post- season field empty if you prefer and they will automatically be set to the season start and end dates). Indicate which teams you will have this season. If you want all players to move up a year in school, and to have seniors be moved to the Alumni section of the site, be sure the "Move all athletes…" box is checked. If you do not check this box, players will remain in the same grade.

Moving seasons primarily affects your rosters, schedules and statistics. Schedules from last season will no longer be seen on the site, as the schedule shows any games scheduled within the current season dates. Rosters change if you check the box to "Move all athletes…" Other information such as the Message Board, the calendars and the History section remain the same.

VN is working on a new model for seasons that will take all information from the current season and move it to the History section for your records.

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