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Scores-Standings Help

Any registered member who is signed in can enter scores after the game date has passed. A game must be entered in the schedule for the score to be entered. Once the game date has passed, click on the "Record Score" button in the score field on the schedule. Alternately, you can sign in to your account and enter a score on the TEAM menu on your MyPage.
We try to maintain league information so we can correctly list results against other teams in your league, but leagues change from year to year and we do not always have current information. If your league information is missing or incorrect, please send us an email at support@varsitynetworks.com and let us know the name of your league and which teams are in it.
Our standings rely on all teams involved to enter results and scores. You, however, can only enter information for your own team. If data is missing or incomplete, please send us an email at support@varsitynetworks.com.

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