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Use the TEAM menu and select the "Schedules" page. Click on "Add an Event." When the new Event screen appears, fill in at least the information for Date and Type, and select whether the game is Home or Away.

The event type should be set to "Regular-Season" for all games you want to count toward you season standings, including, if necessary, any playoff games. (Pre-season and post-season dates are determined by setting up your Season in the SET UP menu.) Use the "Other" type for tournaments and scrimmages that you may want to show in your schedule, but that you do not want to count in your standings.

You can elect to also select the Time, Opponent or specific Location for your game. If you leave any of these fields blank, they will appear on your schedule as TBA. Note that even if you indicate the game is Home or Away, the Location will show on the schedule as TBA until you indicate a specific Location.

If you specify an Opponent or Location, you will need to select from the VN network of existing teams and locations. First, search for your Opponent or Location in our system. If you do not find it, you can add a new one.

The "Game Notes" section allows you to enter additional information, such as field clarifications or instructions to players.

Most games are "Regular-Season" games. This is our way of distinguishing games you want to count in your standings as games from other events you may want to list in your schedule, such as scrimmages or tournaments.

If you select "Other" and provide a label for the event, such as "Fall Tournament," you need not provide an Opponent. If you do want to list an opponent, however, such as for a scrimmage, you can select one from the VN network of teams.

Varsity Networks maintains a nation-wide network of high school sports teams. When you select a team from the list, instead of just typing a name to be used on your own site, you interconnect that team to yours. If we have information for your sport league, we track scores and standings for all teams in your league and these show on your site, however we can only do this if we know that the Opponent you are playing is the one we have as part of our network. Similarly, if that team has a VN web site, your game will show up on their schedule, and a link to your site will be available on their web site.

Similarly, we want to know about any teams that may not be listed in our network. If you have searched by name and city/state and do not find your Opponent in our network, then be sure to Add the Opponent. You will need to first enter the name of the school, and then select the team name from the list.

The good news is that once you have entered Opponents in your schedule, they appear in the drop down box directly on the scheduling page, so in subsequent years you can just select your opponent’s name from you list of past opponents.

Varsity Networks maintains league information for you. We need to have your league information on record in order for it to appear correctly on your site, both on the Home page in your standings summary and on the Standings page of your site. If no standings are appearing on your site, send us an email at support@varsitynetworks.com and tell us the names of all the teams in your league, and the name of the league itself.

We have found that some teams play at more than one location. Rather than build the location into the team itself, we have separated locations out so you can pick the location independent of the team. We are working on a system to specify a default location for each team, so you will only have to specify a location if it differs from the default location, but for now, please select a location from our network.

Only "Regular-Season" games are counted in the totals on the Schedule and Standings pages. "Other" events are provided for events such as scrimmages or tournaments, where you do not want results included in your season totals. If you want the results of a particular event to show up in your season totals, be sure to include them as "Regular-Season" events.

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