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Registration is an important part of your Varsity Networks team web site. By registering, you become part of your team community on-line.

To register, follow the REGISTER link at the top center of the page. Complete the preliminary information, and then look for an email to be sent to you to confirm and complete your registration. This email will contain a userID and password to sign in and use the site. Save this account information as you may need it later to sign in to your account and update your personal information.

When you click on the link to confirm your registration and complete the information about your role on the site (Player, Coach, etc.), your information will be submitted to the site administrator. Once your role is approved, you will appear on the Roster (if you are a Player), or be listed in that role.

If you already registered but the administrator does not see you on the site, be sure you have opened the confirmation email and clicked on the link to confirm.

If you do not see the REGISTER link on the web site, but instead see MY ACCOUNT | SIGN OUT, it means that someone else is already signed into the site on this machine, and you will first need to sign that person out before you can register. Once you sign out, you should see the REGISTER link.

When you register on the site, you select your User ID and password. The User ID cannot be changed, but you can sign into your account and change your password at any time. To change your password, sign in to the site using the userID and password that were emailed to you. Select "Change Password," and then enter and confirm a new password. Next time you sign in, use this password.

If you forget your userID or password, go to the SignIn screen and click on the "Forgot your UserID or Password?" link to enter your email and have the information sent to you.

Your Member Profile contains contact data, so the coaches or administrator can reach you. You enter this information when confirming your site registration, or later by clicking on the "Edit Contact Info" link below your name and email, on the left side of MyPage. Be sure to hit "Save" to update any changes.

Some contact data fields are considered critical points of contact. These are your email, street address, city, state, and home phone number. If any of this data is missing from your member record, you will be reminded that you are missing contact information each time you sign in to your site.

Be sure to update your Member Profile with any changes in contact information such as your email or phone number, so the coach can reach you.

You have a Role Profile for any role for which you registered, such as Player, Coach, Manager, Parent or Alumnus. Your Role Profile contains all the information specific to your role on this site, such as Player position or Alumnus graduation year. Look for your Coach, Player, Parent, Manager or Alumnus Role Profile on MyPage, in the center of the page under the Role tab. To edit information for a particular role, click on the pencil button to the left of the profile. Make your changes and hit "Save" when you are done.

Role Approval - When you first register and complete your role information, it will be submitted to the coach or site administrator for approval. It may take some time for the administrator to approve your role, but you can still sign in to your account and do basic things such as change your contact information or upload photos. If you feel that you have been waiting a long time for approval, you can contact the coach directly and let him/her know that you are waiting.

Adding a Role - You can add Roles to your profile, such as a Player role on an additional team. First, select the role you want to add in the drop down list. Then, select the Add buton to the right of the list. Complete the information and save the role. Roles must be approved by the site administrator, so your new role will not appear immediately after you enter the information. Once your role is approved, you will assume that role on the site - if it is a Player role, you will appear in the Roster for that team; if it is an Alumnus role, you will appear in the Alumni Directory, etc. You can also register again on the site to add a role, using the same email address as your existing member record. You will still have to wait for an administrator to approve this role for it to be active on the site.

Edit Role Profile - To update any information about a particular role, such as jersey number or height for a Player, or the team for a Parent, click on the pencil to the left of the role name. Make your changes and hit the Save button.

Administrators can access member Role Profiles by finding the member's name in the Member tab list, and then clicking on the word link, such as "Player" or "Parent", to the right of the member name. Or, click on the pencil to the left of the member name, and scroll down to the Roles frame for that member, then click on the pencil to the left of the role.

Relationships are noted between Players and their Parents on the site. If you are a Player, you can have a relationship with each Parent on the site. If you are a Parent, you can have a relationship with each Player on the site. Player/Parent Relationships help coaches to communicate with players and parents.

To see your Relationships, go to the Relationship tab in the center of MyPage. To add a relationship, select Player or Parent from the drop down box and hit the Add button to the right of the list. You will then enter the name and email information for the person with whom you are building a relationship. If that person is already a member on the site, you will be asked to correctly identify that person, and s/he will be sent an email to confirm the relationship. If that person is not yet a site member, s/he will be sent an email invitation to become a member on the site. After the person confirms the relationship with you, it will be listed under your Relationship tab on MyPage.

Relationships are used to help coaches and administrators communicate. At this time, you cannot edit profile information for someone with whom you have a relationship.

If you are not a Player or Parent, you will not be able to form Relationships on the site.

If you share an email address with someone else in your household, be sure that when the second person registers as a member, and follows the confirmation link back to complete the registration information, that that person indicates that s/he is a different, "New Member" so a separate account is created. If you do not do this and instead select the name of an existing member, one person will assume the roles for both of you - for instance, a Parent may be incorrectly listed as a Player on the Roster. To fix this, go to the Roles tab at the center of MyPage. Click on the "X" to the left of the incorrect role to remove that role. The other person will need to register again in the correct role.

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