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Photos-Video Help

Any registered member of the site can upload videos. Coaches and other administrators can upload videos that show up immediately on the site, but media from other members will need to wait for approval from an administrator before uploaded media is visible to everyone on the site.

For Photos, go to the Photo Galleries and look to the right for the Photo Features. Click on "Upload Photos." Provide a Title and Date for the photo (photos on the site are sorted by dates). Use the "Browse for Files" button to locate a photo file on your computer. You can browse for more than one photo, and they all will be uploaded at the same time, with the same title.

For Videos, go to a video screen either from the Video player on the Home page or from the Video tab. Open one of the videos, and look for the "Upload Video" link below the list of All Videos. Click on "Upload Video" and provide a Title and Date for the Video. Use the "Browse for Files" button to locate a video file on your computer. You can only upload one video at a time, and it should be in one of the formats listed.

To upload photos, you need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash running on your computer. If you don’t have it, you may not see the complete upload screen and you may not see the "Browse" button, necessary to find the photos on your computer. To get the latest version of Flash, go to the Adobe web site at www.adobe.com.
Photos are organized by album according to date and team. Be sure to set a date for your photo when you upload it, and select the appropriate team.
All videos are shown linearly and can be sorted by "Most Popular," "Top Rated" and "New". Videos are not sorted by date or team.

You can remove any of the photos or videos that you uploaded yourself. From your MyPage, go to the Photos or Videos tab and find the photo or video you want to remove. Click on the thumbnail image to open it, then scroll to the bottom to find the "Delete" button.

If you think a photo or video has inappropriate content and shout be removed from the site, click on the "Flag as Inappropriate" link on the page for that photo or video.

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