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At this time, there is only one design for the Home page. You can make your Home page look better by adding content to your site such as photos and videos, news articles, and your team schedule.
You cannot change any of the main categories, or remove any of the menu items, but you can add to the menus. Use the SITE tab and click on the "Pages" page to add a page to the site, and that will allow you to specify a new menu tab for accessing that page.
Customers with upgraded Team Assist Pro sites can have banners with custom graphics, including team logos or a helmet, or integrated with team photos. Once you have upgraded your web site to TA Pro, send us the graphic you wish to use by emailing it to support@varsitynetworks.com. If you would like to upgrade your web site to TA Pro, click the "Upgrade Now" button on your "My Account" screen.
The text above the Message Board is the Title Text for your site. To change this, go to the HOME PAGE menu tab and click on "Title Text." Enter your text and hit "Save."

The counter automatically counts down to the first day of your season from today’s date. Your site must be set in the current season, and today’s date should be before the date of the season start.

First, check to see that your site is set in the correct season. Go to the SETUP menu tab and select "Season." If the season description and start and end dates do not map to the current or upcoming season, you will need to create a "New Season." Specify the dates for the new season and if you would like to automatically move all players up a year in age.

If you are in the correct season, make sure your start date is exact to the date at which you want the season to start. To change the date, select "Edit Season," make your change, and hit "Save." The counter works from this date.

The Upcoming Schedule on the Home page automatically shows up to 14 upcoming games for your site’s default team. Typically, this is the Varsity team, but you can set this to be another team. Go to the SETUP tab and select "Site Teams." Select "Edit Active Teams List" at the top left of the table, and then click on the circle next to the team you would like to serve as the default.

The Player of the Week is set from the HOME PAGE tab. Select "Player of the Week," and then "Add a Player of the Week" to set a new Player of the Week. You can use the Photo field to select a photo from those already available on the site, including the player’s Head Shot.

Previous Players of the Week are accessibly in the NEWS section of the site.

The Moment in History frame appears automatically when there are photos on your site for previous seasons. Upload photos from past years, and be sure to indicate the year on the photo file, and this feature will appear on your Home page.

To set a new poll, use the HOME PAGE menu and click on the "Polls" page. Click on "Add a Poll," and enter a question and at least two possible responses. When you save the new poll, it will automatically replace the current poll on the Home page.

You can come back and edit the poll to view the response counters.

The Signup Box on the Home page is a way to collect email addresses from a particular group of visitors to your site, for instance, for your Booster Club. The Signup Box appears below the Poll on the lower right side of the Home page.

Use the "Signup Box" item on the HOME PAGE tab to edit the title for this box, or to provide some additional instructional text, such as "Please provide your email."

The list of people who do Signup is viewable in the MEMBERS tab on the "Signup List" page. You can send email directly to these people by selecting "Sign up List" off the drop down box on the "Email" page. Note that people who sign up in this box are NOT considered members and are not given accounts on your site.

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